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Time for Jack Valentine to come knocking….

Introducing Jack Valentine – Norfolks Love Hero! It’s the stuff of folklore here in beautiful Norfolk, a tradition spanning centuries, with a resurgence in recent years…Whether you’re declaring your undying love for your long-term partner, or trying to catch the affection of someone new, you can rest assured that Norfolk is the place to do it. This area has always been home to many romanticsFrom the Victorian tradition of swapping gifts on Valentine’s Eve to the mysterious […]

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Relationship audit – will you delete?

 the title of this blog you could be forgiven for thinking I’m a callous bitch who ‘deletes’ people from her life on a whim.I’m actually fiercely loyal, loving and thoughtful. However, I am absolutely capable of walking away from a relationship of any kind if it’s not good for me. I don’t walk easily, and sometimes I should have walked earlier. What triggers this behaviour in me?Mostly, it’s a sudden raising of my awareness that person X is treating […]

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