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Black Velvets douche


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Anal showers made easy!
The Black Velvets douche makes an enema really easy to do. The short attachment has two stimulating beads which means that it is extremely pleasurable. The screw thread means that both parts are securely attached and makes the cleaning process easier too.

Colour: Black
Size: Small
Volume: 200ml (6.8 fl.oz)

Length: 9.3″ (23.5cm)
Diameter: 0.4 to 1.2″
(1.1 to 3cm)
Weight: 151g (5.3oz)


  • Anal douche with a stimulating stem
  • Two anal beads on the stem
  • Screw thread for the ball pump

Materials: PU Coating, Rubber, Silicone


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