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Cuckold Lockdown chastity cage


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The Cuckold Lockdown chastity cage can help limit your erection and make you a gentleman when you go out on a date. Wearing it makes your penis look bigger, and more attractive to men/women.

Colour: Black
WARNING: How long a man can wear a cock ring varies from person to person. The larger you are, the tighter it will will grip you.

Length: 5.1″ (13cm)
Diameter (cock hole): 1.4″ (3.5cm)
Diameter (ball hole): 1″ (2.5cm)
Weight: 70g (2.5oz)


  • Anti-shedding root ring
  • Can be worn for a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Urinary orifice to allow smooth urination with no residual urine

Materials: TPE (elasticated rubber)


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