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This crop will leave a long-lasting impression on your lover or sub!


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ELECTROSHOCK takes the E-stim world to the next level by introducing this revolutionary ELECTROSHOCK SPANKING paddle to the line-up! This toy is a fabulous addition to any worthy BDSM collection, for both beginners as well as advanced players! The “devil” is in the detail and in this case it’s the USB-charging possibility that makes this item stand head and shoulders above the rest! While others are still attached with wires, the ELECTROSHOCK E-STIM PADDLE is WIRELESS! Charge the toy with the included USB cable for 2 hours of shockingly exciting playtime.

The paddle is equipped with 12 electro buttons on each side which can be controlled by the 3 buttons on the handle (on/off, plus and minus). The voltage possibilities range from 142V to a toe curling 312V in just 5 steps! When switched on the toy starts in the medium setting of 240V and can be lowered or increased by the plus/minus button indicated by a slow or rapid flashing light.


  • Length: 14.65″ (37.2cm)
  • Width: 3.35″ (8.5cm)
  • Diameter (handle): 1.1″ (2.8cm)
  • Weight: 165g


    • 5 modes
    • 12 e-stim points


  • Materials: ABS, PU Leather, Metal
    • Phthalates free
  • Colour: Black
  • Rechargeable: Yes (USB)
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Use time: 2 hours
  • Voltage: 142V to 312V


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