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Make Me Melt warm drip candles


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Make Me Melt warm-drip candles are perfect for titillating BDSM fun. These wax play candles have just a tinge of heat when dripped, and then quickly warm to the touch. In beautifully erotic colours, for a classically sensual, visual experience

Colours: Jet Black, Passion Tones, Pastel
Volume: 4 candles
IMPORTANT: Candles should always be held a minimum of 36″ (3ft) from the skin, to allow wax to cool before contact. DO NOT use if you have low-heat tolerance, or if your skin discolours easily. Always “test-drip” on the back of your hand first, or where your skin is least sensitive. Stop immediately if you feel pain. “Wax Play” is NOT for everyone.

Materials: Paraffin wax


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