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Master Series Crowned magnetic nipple clamps


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Nipple Clamps Fit For Royalty!
Pinch your sensitive nips with a set of these Master Series Crowned magnetic nipple clamps. Featuring a powerful pair of magnets to squeeze your or your subs nipples, adorning them with a shining silver crown a kinky dazzle to go along with other BDSM accessories like blindfolds and gags.

These magnet clamps pinch with intensity – perfect for experienced nipple players who can handle a toy that can dish our a serious clamp! Use these clamps to increase nipple sensitivity during foreplay, or keep them adorned to maintain stimulation as you tie them up and enjoy the scene.

Colour:   Silver

Crown height:   0.7″ (1.8cm)
Crown diameter:   1.4″ (3.6cm)
Bar diameter:   0.2″ (0.5cm)

Materials:   Nickel free stainless steel, TPR (rubber)


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