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Moi-Box Deluxe toy storage box


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Elegantly hide your vibrator* in the Moi-Box Deluxe toy storage box. This sleek lacquered box works with any décor and fits three large toys with a Mini Moi-Case housed inside. The slot in the back accommodates charging cables for simultaneous storage and charging.

*   Sold separately – not included with this purchase

Height:   6″ (15.2cm)
Depth:   6″ (15.2cm)
Width:   9.5″ (24.1cm)
 Mini Moi-Case
Height:   3″ (7.6cm)
Depth:   6″ (15.2cm)
Width:   9.5″ (24.1cm)


  • Moi-Box
    • Genuine cowhide combination lock
    • Laquered finish
    • Rear slot for external charging during storage
  • Mini Moi-Case
    • Antibacterial coating discourages the growth of germs
    • Fits in a drawer or nightstand
    • Mesh pocket fits condoms and other small items
    • Rubberized woven elastic straps keeps larger toys in place

Materials:   Moi-Box
Leather cowhide, MDF, Stainless steelMini Moi-Case
Nylon treated with antibacterial coating.


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