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Prowler Bulb Douche


Prowler Bulb Douche is a classic douche. Featuring a PVC bulb and ABS plastic nozzle which can be cleaned easily and is simple to fill up and use. The base of the bulb is flat to enable standing it upright when needed. To fill, simply remove nozzle and hold under running water.

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If you are preparing for a long hard night of arse play, then the Prowler Bulb Douche is an essential toy to ensure your fun goes off without a hitch. Douches are used to ensure that you are clean and fresh internally, to avoid any accidents when you are getting down to business. To use this douche correctly, simply fill the black bulb with warm water, insert the attached nozzle inside yourself and slowly squeeze the bulb so you take the water in, and then release the water. Repeat this until the water runs clear, and then you’re ready to go! as this douche has a thick nozzle, remember to use a little lube when inserting it to ensure maximum comfort.

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Small – 89m (3fl.oz)l, Medium – 160ml (5.4fl.oz), Large – 224ml (7.6fl.oz)


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