S/M Candle in a Tin


Enjoy hot passion!
A candle in a tin with a low melting point with two wicks to regulate the heat.

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The candle is made out of wax that doesn’t get as hot as normal candles with two wicks to regulate the heat. Enjoy letting your partner feel that thrilling sensation of hot wax against their skin. The wax can be easily removed from the skin.


  • Volume: 100ml
  • Tin: 1.97″ (5cm)


  • Beginner-friendly low temperature candle
  • 2 wicks to regulate heat
  • Pleasurable pain during wax games
  • Can be easily removed from the skin
  • Contained in an aluminium tin with a pointed tip for easy pouring

Important notes:

  • The wax can be washed out of clothing or bedding with normal detergent in the washing machine on the normal cycle.

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