Sinsins Squeezer Teaser Chained Clover Nipple Clamps


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Possibly not for the faint hearted. Sinsins Squeezer Teaser Chained Clover Nipple Clamps is one of our less forgiving clamps, with no adjustability. When clipped to nipples, the these Squeezer Teaser clamps tighten as the chain is pulled, putting the wearer at the mercy of the pull of a chord. The scissor action is all there is between your nipples being clamped or released. Connected by a silver chain, the metal links also add sensory arousal when against skin.

Nickel Free
Each Clamp 8.5cm Long
Each clamp 3.5cm Wide
Each Clamp opens to a Max of 1.5cm
Chain is removable if needed
Chain Length 30cm approx


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