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Swede Fruity Love lubricant- Tropical Fruit and Honey


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Swede is continuing to create new trends in erotic cosmetics with Swede Fruity Love lubricant. The ground-breaking and slightly erotic design is setting a new standard among fashion-conscious customers all over the world.

Unique designs demand state of the art formulas. Swede’s goal has been to develop a completely natural and safe formula without compromising their most important criteria. The result is a series of tasteful lubricants containing only ingredients also used by the food industry.

Volume: 50ml (1.7fl.oz) or 100ml (3.4fl.oz)
Flavour: Tropical fruits with honey


  • condom safe
  • water based
  • non-toxic
  • non-irritating
  • Paraben* free
  • easy to rinse off
  • long-lasting lubrication
  • smooth and long-lasting lubrication
  • soft and gentle feel against the skin
  • totally harmless if ingested in small amounts
  • pH-balanced – does not disrupt the sensitive vaginal environment, and represents less risk of yeast infections.

* Parabens are a very common preservative in general use for lubricants and cosmetics. Parabens are also known to cause irritation and allergies.


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50ml (1.7fl.oz), 100ml (3.4fl.oz)


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